CARA Thursday Night Net Roster and Script

The weekly 7:00 PM Thursday night CARA net on the CARA Repeater (146.76- PL 162.2) roster and script are available for download as a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook. Click here to download the file.

Contact Greg, KC7GNM to be a Net Control Op.

When you finish with the net, please send your updated net roster/script
as a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook   to Greg, KC7GNM at .

Don't have Microsoft Excel?  No problem.  You can install and use OpenOffice for free.  The OpenOffice Website is located here...
OpenOffice allows you to read, create, and save files in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format.  It also supports Microsoft PowerPoint format.  You can also create PDF files from your documents.

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