Cochise County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)



Mission Statement


        The primary mission of the Cochise County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) during an emergency and/or disaster is to provide communication services that include the use of amateur radio stations (portable or fixed), either as a back up to established communications, or as a fill-in where communications do not normally exist.  RACES in Cochise County includes Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) members sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The Cochise County RACES/ARES team is the volunteer communications arm of the Cochise County Office of Emergency Services, Cochise County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) and the Cochise County Emergency Operations Center.


        RACES may be activated at the request of any governmental agency in the event of an emergency or disaster, with coordination by Cochise County Office of Emergency Services (OES). An example of a governmental agency may include any City, County agency or Special District (e.g. Water District, School District, Community Service Districts) within Cochise County.


        RACES works with and provides, as requested, communications services for non-governmental organizations, such as the American Red Cross, and other local groups.  RACES is available to be of service in various capacities in time of emergency or disaster.



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