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Bob Hollister, N7INK


Upcoming Events:


27 Feb - 3 Mar - DoD Interoperability Communications Exercise (DICE 06)


Incident Command System training - Just a reminder, if you have  not completed the Emergency Management Institute IS 100 or equivalent (Incident Command System) and the IS700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses, please do so. I need to submit a report to the county by the end of the month as to where we stand on the percentage of members who have completed those courses.  Mike Evans, the county Emergency Services Coordinator, and the Local Emergency Planning Committee will conduct a 2-hour IS-700

course at the end of the next LEPC meeting.  The LEPC meeting is from 13:30 until 14:45.  The class will run from 15:00 - 17:00. This 2 hour crash course will be a good way to get that one under your belt and help us meet that requirement. 


DICE 06 - This is the second year that First Responders have been invited to participate in the DoD Interoperability Communications Exercise.  Last year, AZ State brought down their new Comm Van, nickname Bullfrog.  This year Cochise County plans to participate with our new Mobile Communications Unit or MCU.  During the week of 27 Feb - 3 Mar we will be deployed to Ft Huachuca and working with the Bullfrog and possibly the new City of Glendale and City of Mesa communications Vans.  Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency MERS team will be on post. 


One of the goals of this exercise will be to allow county RACES members to receive training on our rig as well as the state Bullfrog, one of the Toads and practice working together with them.  I will be looking for volunteers to come over to Ft Huachuca and get some hands on familiarization and training on operating these units.  This will be handy if they need to respond their units to our county and do not have adequate operators.  They will be looking at us to fill in the gaps.  So please put these dates on your calendar and plan to try to come over for a period of time, 4 hours or more during that week.  We will have more about this and the schedule in January and February as the details become clearer.  Oh yes, for the MARS members, they will be invited as well to help out.


The SAR mission that was paged out Saturday evening (26 Nov.) was for an overdue hunter in the Cascabel area of Cochise County.  He was located by the AZ DPS helicopter in just south and east of Cascabel late Saturday evening.  Due to the high winds the helicopter was unable to land in the area at night but provided good grid coordinates.  A SAR ground team was then able to hike into the wilderness area and make contact about 2:45 early Sunday morning. Other than being cold and thirsty the victim was ok.  The decision was made to bivouac until dawn and hope for better weather early Sunday.  There was enough of a break in the winds

to land the helo shortly after sun up near the victim to bring him out.


We used the Delorme Topo software to good effect plotting all the known positions as the ground team made their way in and out of the mountainous area. The 3-D terrain modeling made it easier to visualize the terrain that the ground team and helicopter was coping with.


Although Cascabel road is much better now then when I was last out that way, much more pavement, the last ten miles we traveled will still rattle your teeth fillings. I understand that the trail that the SAR members had to negotiate was even worse.


My thanks to all who responded for the mission and for KD7OED and WD8DOM for deployed with me for a chilly night. A relief team was identified to come out Sunday morning if needed but fortunately was not required. We had excellent support from home units and great communications via the 147.02 repeater.  A number of HF digital messages were relayed

via the Winlink 2000 network including three with the Sheriff's Office Dispatch and WB6OTS. 75 meters, 40 meters and 20 meters were all used.  We also checked into the AZ State Sunday morning RACES net.


Great support, Thank you all.



Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, Section Mgr.  <>



It's coming up on a year now that I have been the Section Emergency Coordinator, and it's been an interesting learning experience.  We now have DECs in most all our counties.  Navajo, Greenlee, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Coconino, and Apache all have new DECs.  That's a good thing, it's gives a single point contact in most cases for the Emergency Managers who need Amateur Radio resources.  It's also a starting point for groups to build out ARES teams, conduct drills, and practice procedures.


Additionally, we had the opportunity to serve the Red Cross and the Katrina Evacuee's that came to Arizona.  Operation Good Neighbor allowed us to support the Red Cross, as well as gave us a chance to see some of the issues in manning an operation which runs more than just a day.  Meetings are in progress to learn and correct the problems we encountered in supporting of Operation Good Neighbor.


I would like to take a moment and thank those who have helped me, mentored me, and supported me.  Without your commitment, it would have been a long year, and not nearly as productive as it's been.  Tom Fagan, Brian Daly, Tommy Beckett, Bill Hosking, and Jim Pierce.


Hope everyone has warm and Happy Holiday Season Rick Aldom - W7STS Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) .


PLC Network Solutions will be installing BPL within three 40 story luxury buildings located at Copper Square, in downtown Phoenix.  The buildings include the Residences at Copper Point and the Lofts at Copper Point.  The one representative I talked to said that the sales person did not mention any previous BPL interference problems.  The representative was convinced that if interference occurred it would be minimal compared to the tremendous

Benefit of having access to the network from any outlet in the building.  For more

information you can check out the news brief at:



Is your club membership down?  Several clubs have stopped having meetings because no one attends.  Several other clubs cannot find officers.  I can remember when we had fewer clubs and more members.  We actually had enough  members showing up at club meetings to attract some fantastic speakers. Talking of speakers, we do have a panel of fantastic speakers that can speak at your club.  If you have any ideas on increasing club membership contact

Mary Ahls W4NZJ, Arizona section Club Coordinator



The following Arizona hams just received their FCC license, Congratulations!

Lorenzo Santillan KE7FAS, Yolanda Frasier KE7FGI, Joe Esposito KE7FAV, Hunter

Heaton KE7FEE, John Fellers KE7FEA, Robert Martens KE7FEI, John Foote KE7FDZ,

William Bernard KE7FED, Richard Black KE7FEC, Aaron Smith KE7FEB, Edward Culbertson KE7FEG, Bhaskar Meka KE7FGH, John Lang KE7FFZ, Michael Vasiliades KE7FEH, Robert Harbour KE7FEF, Robert Rigdon KE7FGG, Robert Marshall KE7FAU, Robert Hanson KE7FAT, David Durfee KE7FDA, Sean Henry KE7FDK, Raul Dominguez KE7FDO, Hyrum Johnson KE7FDP, Sean Fawcett KE7FBO.



Westfest will be on January 14th at the Glendale Community College (59th & Olive Avenues), sponsored by the Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club. Talk-In: 146.700 - (PL 162.2); 446.150 - (PL 100) Contact: Steve Grouse, W1ADW  Start 6 am.



We have two websites for Arizona.  The first is the one maintained by the ARRL

at   I am limited by what I can put on that website, so we have another website located at  This website is maintained by Luis Martinez KD7GMK  I want to thank Luis for doing such a great job

with the website.  So make sure you check out both websites for all of the latest info.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about ARRL.  If your club or group has an activity or event that would be of interest to other hams throughout our section please email me with the specifics.


I look forward to hearing everyone on their new radios this Holiday Season.





December 10th found Green Acres hosting another jovial group get-together to celebrate Christmas.  Much business was discussed (monkey).  It counted as a regular meeting but who was counting.  A good time was had by all.



Ted Weaver, K9TED


Your Ed is recuperating from surgery in his bladder (yes, I said “in”).  Consequently we have only four pages this time and then, again, the snail mail copy is going to be a little late.  Sorry ‘bout that; old age I guess.  I never liked even looking at hospitals…still don’t!



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