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Bob Hollister, N7INK


Upcoming Events

Feb 17-19 Yuma Hamfest

Feb 25/26 SAR Academy

Feb 27-Mar 3 DICE-06

Mar 11 - Scottsdale Hamfest*


Search and Rescue Academy - Cochise County will host the annual SAR academy at the Sheriff's Sub Station in Willcox, at 450 South Haskell, on Feb. 25th and 26th.  This is a one-time requirement.  If you have been to one there is no requirement to attend it again.  You may attend more than once if you would like to have a refresher.  It is a great opportunity to learn the theory, basis in law the Sheriff's responsibilities as well as the common vocabulary of Search and Rescue. All RACES members are encouraged to attend the SAR academy at least once.  As one of our more typical support missions, it is good to attend the

academy to familiarize yourself with the typical operations of the SAR team.   The subjects covered include:

Legal Aspects of Search and Rescue, Search Theory and Management, Communications,

Operational Tactics, Personal Safety, Map and Compass Techniques and Tracking and Clue Awareness.  Just a reminder that the SAR Academy is considered to be one of the core proficiencies that all RACES members should attend.  It is normally only offered once annually about the same time each year. This year it will be held at the Willcox Sheriff's Office.  You may be able to carpool up from Sierra Vista by being at the Sierra Vista sheriff's substation by 7:00.  They will probably leave no later than 7:15. The classes are on both days.





The regular meeting of the Cochise Amateur Radio Association (CARA) was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on 2 January at the Association headquarters at Green Acres on Moson Road in Cochise County, Arizona.  The President and Secretary were present.


Report of the BOD Meeting.  President, Grant Hays (WB6OTS) announced that Dale Chidester, (NJ7C), has agreed to be nominated for Vice President, Lee Ilse for President and Grant Hays will be the Member at Large. Grant has agreed to be the Ham Fest Chairman.  Pete LaCount proposed that the Club purchase a Stepper IR 40 Meter Antenna to be put on the 140 ft. tower.  There are costs involved so a campaign will be proposed to acquire donations to cover one half of the cost.  More information will be forthcoming in the coming months.


Minutes.  A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the minutes of the Secretary, Marie Epperson (K7MBE) and waive the reading.  A copy will be posted on the Club bulletin board.


Treasurer’s Report.  The financial report was presented by the Treasurer, Paul Angelo (KD7TDL).  A copy will be posted on the Club bulletin board.


Vice-President’s Report.  Lee Ilse (KD7OED) gave a report of the ARCA meeting he attended in December and also the Membership Report for CARA.  Upcoming dates to note, 11 March Scottsdale Ham Fest, 18 February Yuma Ham Fest, and March 3-5, International DX Contest at CARA in Pete’s Palace.


R.A.C.E.S.  Bob Hollister, (N7INK)and Lee Ilse (KD7OED)  reported on several missions to assist with a lost hiker and a lost hunter.  The ERV replacement vehicle is on schedule to arrive the 30th of January.


Technical Report.  Richard Hotchkiss, (KB7RDG), reported the 2 Meter Repeater Antenna on Mule Mountain will be replaced on 21 January.


Old Business.  The purchase of the control for the Pactor 3 in the ERV that was tabled and still is due to the fact that a 2006 Budget needs to be prepared before we can vote on this item..


New Business.  Election of Officers: Nominated  Lee (KD7OED) for a 2 year term as President , Dale (NJ7C) to fill the unexpired term of 1 year as Vice President and Pat (KD7HAB) for a 2 year term as Secretary.  After a call for the election and vote, all members were voted in unanimously.


50/50 Drawing was won by Randy (KC7TUG)


There being no further business to conduct, the President adjourned the meeting at 7:40 P.M.




 Marie B. Epperson (K7MBE), Secretary



Pat Thies, KD7HAB, Secretary



I am just trying to get a head start for Grant, the new Hamfest Chairman.  Can any of you help with the hamfest this year and where. It is going to be May 6th 2006 at Green Acres.


I have Mike for sound.


I know things may come up between now and then that is why I am asking now.  If you cannot help that day, that’s OK. Maybe you can help with things before hand.  Please let me know ASAP at my email





Bob Hollister, N7INK


A Tucson Doctor, age 59, failed to return for patient appointments on the morning of January 3rd.  He was known to have been hiking in Turkey Creek and Cottonwood area the previous day.  He was known to like the Dragoons also. An attempt to find his car, a white

Lexus SUV, was the first order of business.  RACES was put on standby (Level 100 Page)

until we had a solid departure point to start the ground search.


A DPS Ranger spotted the vehicle in the Turkey Creek area but high winds kept them from investigating further. The second page was sent out and we deployed. It would have been a long search if the victim had not walked out of Turkey Creek area and arrived at Command Post, as there were several trailheads in the area where his vehicle was located.


My Thanks to all who were responded to the Page and prepared to deploy and monitor the radio. We did get as far as the Foothills Sub Station when the hiker was located and the mission terminated.


Sunsites—January 20th--A young lady was walking between Sunsites and decided to take a short cut across the desert to her home.   It got dark and she lost her way.  Fortunately she had a cell phone to assist for a while and got the deputies within a couple miles before

her phone went dead.  Between the Border Patrol Night Scope truck and Tucson Ranger she was located.  Last word was that she was being transported to the hospital to get warmed up and checked out.


Thanks for your response.


The New Years Eve search mission, as reported by Tom Huntoon (KC7WKT), ended successfully.  The missing 48-year-old male victim was searching for two overdue female hikers when both flashlights died and he decided to stay put.


Park Service personnel, due to the holiday, were understaffed and called for assistance.  SAR  & RACES Units arrived after 2200 hrs at the Chiricahua Visitor's Center and commenced search operations.


A DPS Ranger was called and, in high wind conditions, determined the location of a likely light source.  The Hasty Ground Team was dispatched to the coordinates, found the victim and returned him to the Command Post  for a reunion with the rest of his party (all visitors from Oregon).


Congratulations and thanks to all that responded to make this New Year's Eve mission a  

successful one.



ARRL Letter, January 20, 2006


There's encouraging news this week on the medical condition of Randy McCloy, KC8VKZ, the sole survivor of the January 2 Sago mining disaster in West Virginia. Rick Robinson, W8ZT, reports he spoke with McCloy's brother-in-law, Rick McGee January 18, and received an upbeat report on the 26-year-old miner's progress.


"He was sitting up in bed and eating ice chips," he said. "His dialysis treatments have been reduced to every other day as his kidney function [is returning]." Other reports say McCloy's heart and liver functions have improved, his muscle deterioration has abated, his neurological condition is stable and he's been breathing on his own. His doctors say McCloy exhibits

"purposeful movements" and appears to be responding to his family.


Robinson says McGee told him that McCloy's wife, Anna, expressed appreciation from the outpouring of good wishes from the Amateur Radio community and elsewhere.


"His family wants to thank everyone for the cards and letters that arrive daily in the large plastic postal bins," he said. "The mail keeps his wife occupied and gives her consolation that so many think of her and her husband and family." Randy and Anna McCloy live in Simpson, West Virginia, and have two young children. A Technician class licensee, McCloy is a relatively new radio amateur, according to Robinson.


Well-wishers have been sending cards and QSLs to McCloy at PO Box 223, Philippi, WV 26435.


The Charleston Gazette reported January 19 that McCloy was out of intensive care and likely will be able to leave West Virginia University's Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown within a week or two for a rehabilitation facility. His physicians say it's difficult to predict how fully McCloy will recover over the long haul, however, because his case is unusual. McCoy was

the only miner among 13 men trapped for more than 40 hours in an Upshur County coal mine that filled with deadly carbon monoxide following a January 2nd explosion.


McCloy reportedly is eligible for immediate medical and wage-replacement benefits as well as for workers compensation benefits based on the extent of his injuries. In addition, a fund has been set up to accept donations for his benefit: the Randal McCloy Jr. Fund, c/o Clear Mountain Bank, 1889 Earl Core Rd, Morgantown, WV 26505.


According to "The Checkout" column <> of The Washington Post, federal and state authorities have warned consumers about a bogus e-mail

seeking donations to aid McCloy. "The Checkout" reports that e-mails claiming to be from Dr Lawrence Roberts, McCloy's primary physician, describe the young miner's condition and seek monetary donations for his treatment.


"The Checkout" editor Caroline Mayer advises those who have received such e-mails to consider contacting the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)<>.



(and so is our Hamfest)


Virginia City, NV, December 28, 2005 – The first running of the 7th Call Area QSO Party (7QP) has been scheduled for the first weekend of May 2006. Building on the success of other regional QSO parties, the founders believe that the eight states of the 7th Call Area will offer a fun and challenging operating event. The mystique of the “wild west” will be included the theme of the event.  One of the founders of The Great Armadillo Runs (198386), Tom Taormina, K5RC, is chairing the Steering Committee.


Official Rules 7th Call Area QSO Party May 6 & 7, 2006, 1300 UTC Saturday to 0700 UTC Sunday (6 AM to midnight PDT the first Saturday in May). 7th call area stations work everyone, others work 7th area stations only. Work stations once per band/mode. 7th area mobiles (and those participating in other concurrent QSO parties or contests) may be worked again as they enter new counties. No repeater QSO’s.  (Other rules not listed here.)


We are proud to have the sponsorship of the Central Oregon DX Club for the 7QP. We also

acknowledge the support that has been offered by members of CADXA, SDXA, NACHO,

CODXC, UDXA, WWDXC, NCCC and FOC to make this event a great success.

Our objective is to activate all 259 Counties. That goal will require a combination of fixed

stations, mobiles, expeditions and county line portables. There is a lot of “wide open space”

in the 7th Call Area that will challenge the State Coordinators. We are looking for support

from local radio clubs to make 7QP a success and a fun club project. There is an informative

and entertaining Power Point presentation available to help stimulate interest in 7QP. State

Coordinators and Lieutenants will make every effort to visit as many local clubs as possible

over the next few months. Club program chairs may also request a copy of the Power Point

from their State Captains. Chairman K5RC also is available to help with ideas that have

worked in the past to encourage local participation, intraclub competitions and fun portable

operations.  We need lots of volunteers to activate all 259 counties. Please contact your State

Coordinator or Lieutenant to join the roster of 7QP’ers.


We have also scheduled the 7QP to compliment the MARAC CW County Hunter’s Contest,

New England QSO Party and a number of other operating events that use counties as a

multiplier. We have made every attempt to make the rules and exchange compatible with

the other events of that weekend. We encourage feedback from participants and computer

logging designers to ensure that each event maximizes participation by having

complimentary contests. Please direct any questions about the rules/exchange to Dick,


For the latest information, please regularly check our web site at For general

information contact Tom, K5RC by email or at 7758477929.

CU in 7QP!





Dave Wells, WB7ONJ, Editor


The new repeaters are in for Helio to replace the 146.86 and the 440.700. Joe says he has to build some new boards to interface the repeaters and then they can be installed and the current Helio machine moved to Guthrie peak to give better coverage to the Clifton - Morenci area. 


2006 Yuma Hamfest & Electronics Expo – Press Release
 Scott Seamans <>


The 2nd Annual 2006 Yuma Hamfest will take place February 17 – 19 at the Yuma County Fairgrounds in Yuma, AZ.  This year will be a combination Hamfest & Electronics Expo for all things electronic.  Items featured at the event will be all kinds of radio gear, including Amateur Radio Equipment, Family Radio Service radios, Cellular Telephone Equipment and Services, and satellite equipment.  Another major emphasis of the show will be computer equipment. You will have a chance to buy new equipment and haggle over the price of used gear.
The website can be found at --
Yuma Hamfest & Electronics Expo HOTline – (928) 782-0534
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