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Bob Hollister, N7INK


Mar 11 - Scottsdale Hamfest

Apr 29-30 - La Vuelta de Bisbee Bike Race


ERV Status - The old ERV has been turned into Fleet.  I flew out to Tampa, Florida the 13th of February and had a tour of the factory to see how they are built and do the "acceptance check" of the new truck. After a 2000 mile cross country trip, I returned with the new truck on Friday the 17th.  We are in the process of building out the new ERV at Fleet in Bisbee. We started the transfer of equipment Tuesday the 21st. 




Lee Ilse, KD7OED


1.  The need for major design changes, are discovered as the unit nears completion.

2.  Firmness of delivery dates are inversely proportional to the tightness of the schedule.

3.  Dimensions will always be expressed in the least useable term. Velocity for instance, will  be expressed in furlongs per fortnight.

4.  Instruction Manuals will be lost on delivery of the units.

5.  Original Circuit Diagrams will be destroyed by the Photocopying Machine.








Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Officers present were President Lee KD7OED, Vice President Dale NJ7C, Secretary Pat KD7HAB, Treasurer Paul KD7TDL, Member at Large Grant WB6OTS


Wally W0OGN gave an interesting presentation on “fox hunt” transmitting.



Treasurer’s Report: It will be posted on the bulletin board in the back of Larson Hall.  We have $1,000 in the tower fund.  The budget will be given at the next meeting


Secretary: minutes approved as written and will be posted on the bulletin board.


Vice President had no report.


Member at Large: Amateur Operator classes will begin on the 11th of February and go for three weekends. The testing will be on the 25th of February.  Our Hamfest will be May 6, 2006 starting at 7:00 am and going till noon.  A motion was made to increase the amount for the Hamfest to $2,000 since the grand prize is so much.  The motion passed.  The grand prize is the ICOM 7000 radio.


Richard KB7RDG gave the technical report. Rich said we need some tools for up on the hill so if the guys go up to the repeater they have tools up there and maybe they will not have to carry so may tools up with them.  Mike N7ZGO donated a toolbox.


Larry KF7TJ gave a material report.  We do not have a lot in the shed.


Bob N7INK gave the R.A.C.E.S. Report. SAR training is coming up the 25th & 26th of Feb.   April 29th & 30th is the Bisbee bike race



1. An advertisement is going to be put in the paper for a caretaker for Green Acres


2. Our Lease is at the county and we are just waiting on a response from them. Lee will be in touch with them.


3. Pete’s Palace; we are trying to get it secured.


4. We need to upgrade our 40m beam antenna. Our goal is to get a donation of $3,000.00 and then replace it with a stepper antenna


5. March 3-5 is the international DX contest


Roger won the 50/50 drawing ($25) Larry suggested that the 50/50 go towards the antenna funds.  Lee said he would have to check something in the standing rules.


 Meeting adjourned





1. Any wire cut to length - will be short.

2. Identical Circuits. Tested under identical conditions will NOT be identical in practice.

3. The availability of a component is inversely proportional to the need for the component.

4. If a project requires "N" components, there will be "N-1" in stock.

5. If a particular Resistance is needed, that value will not be available, furthermore, it cannot be made up of series/parallel combinations.

6. A dropped tool will always fall where it will do the most damage. (Also known as the selective law of gravitation).

7. If you connect a Three Phase Line, the Phase sequence will be wrong.

8. A Motor will always rotate in the wrong direction.

9. Interchangeable parts - Won’t!

10. Components that must not (and cannot) be assembled wrong - Will be.

11. A DC Meter will always be on an overly sensitive range, and will be wired into circuit in the wrong direction.

12. If a circuit cannot fail, it will.

13. A Failsafe Circuit will destroy others.

14. A Transistor protected by a fast acting fuse, will protect the fuse by blowing first.

15. A Self Starting Oscillator – won’t start.

16. A Crystal Oscillator will oscillate at the wrong frequency, if it works at all.

17. If a PNP Transistor is required. Only NPN will be in stock.

18. In any given estimate, the cost of the equipment will exceed the estimate by a factor of 3.



ARRL Letter, Feb. 10, 2006


US Rep Mike Ross, WD5DVR (D-AR), this week offered "A Salute to Ham Radio Operators" on the floor of the US House. Ross, one of two Amateur Radio licensees in the House of Representatives (the other is Rep Greg Walden, W7EQI, R-OR), addressed his colleagues February 8 to recognize the contributions of the Amateur Radio community in the wake of last year's devastating hurricane season.


"Citizens throughout America dedicated to this hobby--a hobby that some people consider old fashioned or obsolete--were true heroes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as they were often the only line of communication available into the storm ravaged areas," Ross said.


He noted that while ham radio is often overlooked "in favor of flashier means of communication," Gulf Coast communities learned after the 2005 hurricanes that technology can be "highly vulnerable" to storm damage. "Ham radios, entirely self- contained transmitters, require no cell towers or satellites, simply a battery and a strip of wire as an antenna," Ross explained.


Because of the "critical intervention" of radio amateurs across the US, Ross said, many lives were saved following Hurricane Katrina. "The dedication displayed by ham radio operators in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina sets a tremendous example for us all," Ross concluded, noting that "now more than ever" he's proud to be an Amateur Radio operator. "The people whose lives were rescued as a result of the tireless dedication of ham radio operators will forever be grateful to these selfless public servants."


Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, Section Mgr.  <>



 Mary has been busy this month.  She has put together a Youth T-Shirt design.   I am working on digitizing it and getting a few printed.  Twelve presenters have added their name to the list to speak at club meetings around the state.   We have a lot of talented people.  If you would like to be added to the list please let Mary know.  Mary Ahls W4NZJ, Arizona section Club Coordinator



 Charlie Ellis, W6PNM, January 6, Kingman. Charlie was a 3 time winner, "ARIZONA HAM OF THE YEAR".  Recipient of the SWD Meritorious Service Award 1996.  Charlie was very involved with the HUALAPAI ARC and he was also control operator for Hayden Peak repeater. Charlie had been the DEC for Mohave County.


 Ray Bass, W7OMR, January 9, Tucson.  He was an Assistant Section Manager for Jim Swafford W7FF back in the '80's.  Jim says &quot; Ray was a very good worker and a loyal ARRL member.  Ray also set up; and was responsible for most of the Tucson Repeater Association (TRA) Repeaters.  He was a TRA officer for many years.&quot; Ray was also in charge of the Pima County RACES office

up until about a year ago.



The following hams just received their FCC license, Congratulations!

Neal Przecioski KE7FSC, Sheldon Stone KE7FSF, Ray Waddoups KE7FUM, David Wagner KE7FUN, James Stewart KE7FUH, Joshua Elftman KE7FUI, Michael Baker KE7FUG, Jeffrey Chervenka KE7FZV, Travis Morris KE7FZS, Mary Pena KE7FUL, Fred Pena KE7FUJ, Alan Jensen Jr KE7FSD, Joesph Fritsch KE7FSE, Sigmund Friedman KE7FZY, Daryl Koch KE7FSJ, David Foreman KE7FZJ, Joel Brodsky KE7FZI, David Cornelius KE7FSI, Paul Richards KE7FSK, Clark Hockabout KE7FRO, Suzie Hansen KE7FRM, Romel Macloud KE7FRN, Michael Wertz KE7FXF, Jeff Brown KE7FYZ, and Duane Dunn KE7FYC.




 Spring Fest March 11, 2006 will be held at Scottsdale Community College.



 First Annual 7th Area QSO Party, to be held May 6-7, 2006


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about ARRL. If your club or group has an activity or event that would be of interest to other hams throughout our section please email me with the specifics.


 73, Tom Fagan WB7NXH

ARRL Section Manager Arizona

Tucson Arizona

 520 574-1129



ARRL Letter February 24, 2006


Telecommunications regulator Ofcom has unveiled plans to reform Amateur Radio licensing in Great Britain. The main change is that Amateur Radio licenses will be issued for life, although licensees will have to confirm their license details every five years. The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) says it welcomes the Amateur Radio licensing reforms.


"The RSGB are reasonably comfortable with Ofcom's recent announcement," RSGB General Manager Peter Kirby, G0TWW, told ARRL. "We never had an argument with electronic delivery. We had a big argument with regards to a 'lifetime' license with no checks and balances. Our concerns have been satisfied inasmuch as it is a lifetime license that has to be effectively renewed every five years or it lapses."


Paper licenses are going away too, for all intents and purposes, and Ofcom instead will provide an on-line service to issue electronic licenses.  Hard-copy licenses will remain available for those lacking Internet access, but there will be an administrative charge. Starting October 1, Ofcom will take over from the Royal Mail the role of issuing, renewing and amending Amateur Radio licenses.


The RSGB's Kirby notes that while Ofcom announced it was deregulating the Amateur Radio license, the RSGB is quick to point out that the changes to the licensing system "do not add up to deregulation" of ham radio. "Ofcom continue to shoot themselves in the foot with the liberal use of the word 'deregulate'," Kirby said. "Every time it appears they get deluged with

letters from angry hams and Members of Parliament, and even our Patron, the Duke of Edinburgh, has taken them to task in recent months."


The RSGB last year went on record as being "strongly opposed" to any steps by Ofcom to deregulate Amateur Radio in Great Britain, fearing that it could lead to the elimination of amateur licensing altogether. "There is no doubt that the RSGB's robust stand last year influenced Ofcom's change of mind in a number of areas," Kirby said. "However, these are early days yet, and I have serious doubts that they will be able to provide the electronic option

in the time scale they have laid down."


Ofcom said its new approach to Amateur Radio licensing will "reduce unnecessary bureaucracy." Additional details are on the Ofcom Web site







1.  In any given calculation, the fault will never be found, if more than one person is involved.

2.  Any error that can creep in will, and it will be in the direction that will do the most damage to the calculation.

3.  All Constants are variables.

4.  In any given computation, the figure that is obviously correct will be the source of the error.

5. A Decimal point will always be misplaced.




Ted Weaver, K9TED, from friends on the Internet


Mujibar was trying to get a job in India.  The Personnel Manager said, "Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it you cannot qualify for this job."


Mujibar said, "I am ready."


The manager said, "Make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink and Green."


Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, "Mister manager, I am ready."


The manager said, "Go ahead."


Mujibar said, "The telephone goes green, green, green, and I pink it up, and say, 'Yellow, this is Mujibar.'"


Mujibar now works as a technician at your call center for computer problems.  No doubt you have spoken to him.


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