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Bob Hollister, N7INK


A note from one of the SAR members I wish to share with all of you who help make the RACES team what it is. Bob



I think it's time to recognize the special and exceptional efforts of Bob HOLLISTER and his loyal band of RACES people who regularly support our efforts. 


Due to the generosity of the MPs on the mission in Blacktail Canyon I was sitting on my butt most of the time and I chose to hang out with the communication people where it was warmer and more comfortable seating arrangements.  Not only is the new vehicle impressive, but watching Bob show it off and describe it's functions and equipment to everyone from the Post Commander to just kids was not only entertaining but his enthusiasm and excitement was infectious. He and his staff have done a great job of planning and installing the necessary components.

But, that's not the story here. Few of us ever have the opportunity to see this crew in action. This is a job for people with infinite patience, low emotional involvement (almost selfless) ability to make decisions, maintain order, get information and handle all manner of requests (rational or not) from various sources, keep records that can be referred to at a later date. Bob and his crew handle all this with the environment of a local pub, the attitude of a friendly priest and the spirit of the group. BLESS THEM

                         C.A.R.A. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING



Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Dale. Officers present were, vice-president Dale NJ7C, Secretary Pat KD7HAB, Treasurer Paul KD7TDL, Member at Large Grant WB6OTS


President report was given by Dale

Standing rules need to be revised will be done at the next board meeting.

S.E.A.R.S. report meeting is March 11, 2006.

Vice President is working on the web site


Treasury report given by Paul KD7TDL Grant WB6OTS moved and Bill N7BIL 2nd to accept the report.


Minutes approved as printed Rich KB7RDG moved and Marie K7MBE 2nd


Ham fest Grant WB6OTS gave his report and also reported that when they tested on Feb. 24 2006 that Mike Aced his extra test the 1st time he took the test


Rich KB7RDG gave the technical report.

Larry KF7TJ had nothing to report.


R.A.C.E.S. Bob N7INK gave his report and the Bisbee bike race is April 29 & 30 need volunteers contact RB K7HVV


Motion was made by Pete W8UXD to vote on a golf cart for $2300 dollars

Randy KC8TUG made a motion not to vote on the golf cart

They both failed.

Then the motion was made to give the ARCA representative Lee KD7OED the mandate to vote the way he should see fit.


Old Business

We have $1,100.50 + in the antenna fund reported by the treasurer

Leland KE7GUM won the 50/50 which was $21.00 and gave it back into the tower fund.

7:58 meeting adjourned, Pat Thies, Secretary (KD7HAB)


Bob Hollister, N7INK


Upcoming Events

Apr 29-30 - La Vuelta de Bisbee Bike Race


Recent Missions


Black Tail Canyon Cave - Probably the most challenging mission I have seen.  We were called out about 8:30 Thursday evening, March 16, to assist in the recovery of a student who had gone into a cave and fell into a deep hole, well into the cave.  The initial problem for the searchers was to determine which passageway he had gone into.  There were several long vertical descents or drops that needed to be negotiated as well as some very long narrow passages.  Since the missing student was in and out of consciousness, he was unable to assist the rescuers find him by responding to verbal stimulus or even help crawling out.  He was located about 0240 in the morning. Due to the difficulty in negotiating all the vertical drops, additional experienced climbers/cavers were requested. 

At one point there were about 70 persons in the cave either looking or assisting by setting up rope systems to lift him past all the vertical lifts that needed to be accomplished. In all about 169 persons responded to assist in this effort.  My hat is off to the folks who went into the cave to pull this young man out.  They were faced with crawl spaces barely large enough to get through, wet muck, bat guano and who knows what else as they professionally and safely extricated this young man. 

We had three channels active in the MCU, the Border Patrol BORSTAR frequency, the basic Cochise SAR channel and a UHF channel used by the Pima County team.


Editor’s Note:  The following article was printed in the Arizona Daily Star

(Tucson) on March 21, 2006.  It was written by Tom Beal and it follows up on Bob’s story above.


Tucson, AZ - David Shipman, the Duke University sophomore rescued Friday from a cave in the Huachuca Mountains, suffered a concussion bad enough to temporarily affect his memory but broke no bones and injured no organs in his 40- to 50-foot fall.


He was released from University Medical Center on Saturday and was at home Monday with his parents in Sierra Vista, looking through family photos in an attempt to fill in gaps in his memory, said his father, Lt. Col. Gregory Shipman, a U.S.. Army Reserve officer who works weekly as a dentist at Fort Huachuca.


"He literally came out of this thing with a concussion and retrograde amnesia," Shipman said. "It's just absolutely a miracle that someone could fall 40 feet and remain in there 10 hours before anyone got to him, and then another 12 hours to get him out. We're just grateful to all those people who risked their lives," Shipman said.


A force of 170 volunteer, military and government rescue workers assembled to extract Shipman from the cave.


Gregory Shipman said doctors expect his son to fully recover his memory. He put off a planned Monday return to Duke, where he is a sophomore in biomedical engineering, to recover and receive additional medical treatment.


Shipman had entered the cave Thursday afternoon with two friends. They had ropes, climbing gear, helmets and headlamps for the exploration of the wet cave, which descends in a series of steep drops from its opening — a slit on a cliff face at the northern end of the Huachuca Mountains.


Gregory Shipman said he had been to the cave once but stayed in the first room because he doesn't have the climbing skills needed to rappel to the next level. He said just getting to the opening was arduous.


His son, who has been rock-climbing and caving for half his 20 years, is an experienced spelunker and had explored the cave many times.

Last Thursday he took two friends who waited in the first room of the cave while Shipman went off to search for some items he had left behind during a Christmas break visit, including a memory card for his camera.

He planned to return and help his friends, who had experience rock-climbing but not caving, make the descent into the cave, said Gregory Shipman.  When he didn't return, one friend stayed at the mouth of the cave while the other hiked out and drove to where he could use his cell phone to call authorities.


When Gregory Shipman was contacted, he immediately called Steve Willsey, a family friend who was one of the resources Shipman used to home-school his son. He said his son had been caving with Willsey for about 10 years.  Willsey led rescuers and paramedics to Shipman, who was semiconscious at the bottom of the pit in the far reaches of the cave.


Shipman said he worried about broken bones and internal injuries, worried about his son going into shock or succumbing to hypothermia in the damp cave. "It was just a miracle," he repeated.  And about that memory card. It wasn't in Shipman's clothing when they brought him out, and Gregory Shipman said his son, who remembers little of the ordeal, is "99 percent sure" he didn't find it.



Bob Hollister, N7INK


Recent Missions


Kartchner Caverns - On Sunday afternoon (March 19) we received notification of a lost family of four that had gone for a hike and ended up being overtaken by unexpected  bad weather.  We got a real break in the weather and AZ DPS helicopter was used to good effect to locate them, even with the reduced

visibility.  Once lifted off the mountainous terrain, the kids were starting show effects of hypothermia but were OK. One of our main contributions was to make hot chocolate in the microwave for the kids to help them warm up.



Carr Canyon Road Closure - Slippery roads caused by snowy weather caused the Carr Canyon access road to get jammed up.  We were called to assist in getting people off the mountain.  The SAR team used ATVs to reconnoiter the mountain and ensure everyone got off safely.  Lots of hot coffee was consumed.  It was darn cold, especially if you were out there on the ATV in the blinding snow. Our primary role was to monitor the ATV

teams by radio and make hot coffee for the crews.





With the renewal window about to open for the first Amateur Radio licenses

assigned vanity call signs in 1996, the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications

Bureau (WTB) has attempted to clarify filing procedures. The WTB says vanity call sign holders whose licenses expire on or after June 4, 2006, must file electronically or on paper via the Universal Licensing System (ULS)<> to renew their licenses. Amateur Radio

renewal applications may only be filed within 90 days of the license

expiration date.


"Licensees of stations assigned vanity call signs have the option of keeping the vanity call sign or requesting that it be changed to a sequentially assigned call sign," the WTB points out. Those opting to keep their vanity call signs for the new 10-year license term must pay the current regulatory fee, now $21.90, when renewing (the vanity call sign regulatory fee may change in August or September). If the licensee no longer wants to keep a vanity call sign, no fee is required, and the applicant should request a sequentially assigned call sign instead.


Amateur Radio licensees holding vanity call signs granted prior to 1996 do

not have to pay a regulatory fee when renewing. This is because Congress did not begin requiring the FCC to annually recover its regulatory costs until 1993. Additionally, such licensees are not specifically tagged as vanity

call sign holders in the ULS.





Editor’s Note:  And now, in conclusion, two antennas meet on a roof, fall in love and get married.  The ceremony wasn’t much but the reception was excellent.  (From that wealth of material on the Internet)




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