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Lee Ilse, KE7OED


It is my sad duty to report that one of our longtime CARA members, Robert “Larry” Warren (KF7TJ) passed away Friday, 28 April, due to complications from recent surgery.


Larry joined the Army after growing up in east Texas and served in a variety of worldwide assignments in the Army Signal Corps. After retirement from active duty, Larry then joined the ranks of civil service, where he served with the Army Communications Command Inspector General’s Office and later as the Chief of Army MARS.


After his second retirement, Larry and his wife Karen happily traveled the United States in their RV showing their prize-winning dogs, but always stayed in touch with CARA members via the Sunday morning “Old Friend's Net". After a number of years on the road, Larry and Karen finally settled down,  back locally in the “Hereford Outback.”


Larry has served as both Vice President and Material Director for CARA, and was also an active member of both MARS and RACES. One of our most gregarious and outgoing ambassadors of amateur radio, Larry was also a true gentleman who would always lend a hand to folks in need - he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.


Services, with military honors, were held on Fort Huachuca, Friday, 5 May.




P.O. Box 1855, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636

CARA General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2006


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Vice-President NJ7C. Other board members present were KD7TDL (Treasurer), KD7HAB (Secretary), and WB6OTS (Member at Large). KD7OED (President) was absent.


Secretary’s Report: A motion by KC8TUG, seconded by KE7GUM to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as published was approved by a voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report KD7TDL reported that as of May 1 2006 we have $9,854.82 in the savings account, the antenna fund has $1,323.50 and the checking account has $2,150.15. Total funds are $12004.97. A copy of this report is posted on the bulletin board in Larson Hall.


Vice President’s Report

a. Board Meeting Last Week – The board reviewed the status of the Hamfest and had further discussion of the MCU Fence proposal: the board recommendation was to defer all budget decisions until after the Hamfest.


b. Membership Update.


c. Upcoming Events: 6 MAY Cochise Hamfest; 13-14 MAY

Armed Forces Crossband Test; 3 JUN White Mountain Ham Fest; 24-25 JUN ARRL Field Day; 7-9 JUL Williams Ham Fest.


d. The club web page has changed to

Special Report: KB7ND announced that a memorial service for KF7TJ (Larry Warren – SK) is on Friday at 3:00 PM at the main post chapel.

Member at Large Hamfest Report: WB6OTS reported that everything is going good and is on schedule; if you want more tickets he still has some available.

Technical Report: KB7RDG had no report this month.

Races Report: N7INK reported that this has been an extremely busy month for RACES. There are currently 60 members who participated in 4 drill/ training sessions, 1 public service event, and 4 emergency operations in the past month for a total of 367 volunteer hours. The public service event was the annual La Vuelta de Bisbee bicycle races, and the emergency call-outs included a search for two individuals in Sierra Vista, a plane crash near Pearce, and assistance to the Border Patrol in Carr Canyon.

ARCA Report: There has been no ARCA meeting since the last CARA meeting. KD7OED submitted KD7HAB as our nomination for ARCA Ham of the Year, and wrote letter of recommendation for KD7YOY’s ARCA scholarship packet. There will be an ARCA Meeting at 1100 during the Cochise Hamfest. Tickets for the Williams Drawing will be available during the June CARA meeting.


Old Business:

1. The BLM Lease renewal is still in the works. WB6OTS will discuss status with Sheriff Deaver during an upcoming ride-along.

2. The board reviewed a draft budget last month – no final budget recommendation will come to the general membership until after the Hamfest.

3. Corporation Commission Report: KD7OED has prepared the report, KD7TDL is preparing financial summary.

4. MCU Fencing: The board wishes to defer decision until after the Hamfest, but is inclined to not ask for member labor to install it. N7INK reported that Mike Evans is trying to find some extra funds to help with the fence.


New Business: NJ7C suggested that we should think about doing something in memory of KF7TJ. One suggestion was to name the spring Hamfest in his honor, but no decisions will be made until more ideas are presented and discussed.

The 50/50 drawing amount was $38.00. K9TED won $19.00 and donated his half to the antenna fund.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Thies/KD7HAB


Cochise Amateur Radio Association




Bob Hollister N7INK


The following is the monthly report I submit to the ARRL every month.

I usually don't send this to the membership but decided that you might be interested in what the combined stats say about our monthly

activities. You know we have been busy because many of you deployed

for one or more of these activities but rarely do you see the combined

activity report.  Thank you for your continued support.


Monthly DEC/EC Report



Jurisdiction: Cochise County Month: April Year: 2006





Total number of ARES members: 60   Change since last month: None


Local Net Name: Cochise County ARES/RACES Net Total sessions: 2


NTS liaison is maintained with the AZ Traffic and Emergency Net = Yes 


Number of drills, tests and training sessions this month: 4 Person hours:



Number of public service events this month: 1 Person hours: 144


Number of emergency operations this month: 4 Person hours: 103


Total number of ARES operations this month: 9 Total Person hours: 367


Sierra Vista Missing Man Search (Early April)

The search this evening was for a gentleman in his mid fifties

suffering from dementia.  SV PD located him in town only a couple

blocks away from an earlier residence.

3 x 3 = 9 Hours


Pierce Plane Crash (4-12) - A light experimental aircraft crashed

near Pierce AZ.  The pilot was killed in the crash.  The ARES/RACES

team deployed the county Mobile Communication Unit (MCU) to support

recovery efforts.

2 deployed x 8 = 16

1 deployed x 4 = 4

2 Home Unit x 8 = 16

Total 36 hrs


Training Exercise - Chiricahua (4/22)

Deployed the county communications unit to assist

Search and Rescue conduct ground tracking training in the

Chiricahua Mountains. 6 deployed x 12 = 72


Sierra Vista 15 Year Old (4/23-24) -

The mission was called late Sunday to assist in locating a

15 year old young man who was a walkaway from his home on Moson Road.

The individual and his dog were located around 15:15 Monday afternoon

south of the San Pedro House. It was calculated that he had traveled in

excess of 11.5 miles

barefoot!!  After being checked by the medics he was released

to his father.  Considering that this young man traveled cross

country for the entire time, using few trails and was in such

good condition at the end is quite remarkable.

3 folks x 6 hr shifts x 3 shifts = 54 Hrs


Training Exercise - Nogales (4/25)

Deployed County Communications Unit to Nogales

to participate in a tri county emergency exercise

in Santa Cruz County.  AS State, Pima County, Santa Cruz

County and Cochise County participated.

2 x 11 = 22 Hrs


La Vuelta de Bisbee Bike Race Support  (4/29-30)

Deployed the Communications van to Bisbee to provide

command, control, and safety oversight for the race.

Many law enforcement agencies also involved.

12 x 6 x 2 = 144 Hrs


Carr Canyon SAR Support (4/30)

After completing the bike race support was paged to report to

Carr Canyon to assist in locating some reported UDA's in

physical distress.  Upon arrival the reported mission from

the Border Patrol could not be clarified as to where to look or

even how many we were looking for. After an hour during which the

Border Patrol flew helicopter sorties to attempt to get

additional information, we were dismissed.

4 x 1 = 4 hrs



Robert Hollister



Annual Pager Dues - Just a reminder that if you have a RACES

pager that the annual payments are due in June.  I have recently

received payments from a couple members and want to thank you

for reminding me it's that time of year again. I am billed monthly

by AZ Paging. I offer the option to pay monthly at $1.50 a month

or annually at $15.00.



Lee Ilse, KE7OED


During our May Hamfest, we received two new book additions for the Morgan Manor Library. The books were both donated and written by H. Peter Friedrichs (AC7ZL) an amateur who lives in Tucson. The books are titled “The Voice of the Crystal (How to Build Working Radio Receiver Components Entirely From Scratch)” and “Instruments of Amplification (Fun With Homemade Tubes, Transistors, and More).” Both books are now available for lending from the Morgan Manor Library, and you can read more about the books and the author on his homepage .



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