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Bob Hollister N7INK


For those who were questioning the date of the race, I just received the June issue of the "Bisbee Connection" and it confirmed the festivities are indeed on the real "Fourth of July".  Looking forward to a good turn out.



Bob Hollister N7INK


The page out early Wednesday morning (June 21st) was to respond to a missing man north of Huachuca City.  We were asked to respond to mile marker 311 on Highway 90.  When we arrived there was no deputy on scene but I received a phone call from Sgt. Noland. He was involved in a separate incident in Wilcox. He stated that our callout involved a response to a possible incident involving the Border Patrol.  While we were waiting, about 15 minutes, a helicopter circled above us briefly but left.  Then we got the "777" notification on our pagers.


My thanks to Roger, W7RGP, for responding. If there was anyone else on frequency, I did not hear them.  Please check your pager batteries periodically to be sure

they are functioning.



From friends on the Internet


Two antennas meet on a roof, fall in love and get married.  The ceremony wasn’t much but the reception was excellent.

P.O. Box 1855, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636

CARA General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President KD7OED at 7:00 pm. Officers present were President KD7OED, Vice President NJ7C, Secretary KD7HAB, Member at Large WB6OT

The treasurer KD7TDL was absent


Treasurer’s Report will be given at next months meeting due to the absence of KD7TDL.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were moved by KK7NO that the club approve the minutes as published in the Smoke. The motion was seconded by KK7WA and approved by voice vote.


Vice President NJ7C gave his membership report. We have about 111 members of these several have not paid their dues 5 ½ members are life members.

WB6OTS gave his report about field day coming up the 24 & 25 of June needs people to work WB6OTS had a sign up sheet for people to sign up to work the field day which is going to be held at Green Acres

Profits for the Hamfest were reported at $400.

Technical-- KB7RDG San Bernardino is still questionable.

Material --we have a new material person it is Mike McNeill AD7HZ

Races Report was given by WB6OTS the alternate County RACES officer. He reported on the number of volunteer man-hours RACES put in last month.

ARCA Report-- KD7OED reported about the 3 June meeting in Show Low. The state Hamfest is in Williams July 7, 8, 9.  Lee has Tickets for the Williams Hamfest. At Williams they are planning to have workshops on several topics.

ARRL Report-- KD7OED reminded all that on Sept. 22-24 the ARRL Southwest Division Convention will be in San Diego CA. Then in 2008 it may be in Tucson.  ARRL is looking for clubs to help sponsor the event.

Concerning the lease there’s nothing back from the BLM.  Lee has sent them an email requesting current status.

The Corporation Commission report is ready to be mailed as soon as the treasurer cuts a $10.00 check.

Mike Evans is trying to get money back from being taxed on the MCU. Hopefully if the county gets the money back it can be applied towards the fence.

Right now our caretaker is not able to move here.  We are keeping the position open for Mac

There was discussion about possible Memorial ideas for Larry Warren KF7TJ.  Books for the Library with a stamp in them saying in Memory of Larry Warren KF7TJ and possibly get a subscription to QST for the library. Then naming the spring Hamfest after Larry.

New Business: none

50/50 Raffle: We did not do a 50/50 raffle this meeting

The board will meet on June 26, 2006 and the next regular meeting will be on July 3, 2006.


Respectfully Submitted

Pat Thies/KD7HAB

CARA Secretary


Bob Hollister N7INK


I found the following article from the ARRL E-Bulletin very interesting.


Brevard County, Florida -- During a recent county disaster drill, responders were expected to arrive on the scene ready for deployment.  Fire responders showed up in full fire gear, Police in full police gear, CERT members with appropriate gear including helmet, orange safety vest, long pants, shirt, heavy shoes, gloves, face mask, flashlight, as well as HT, and necessary tools. Our ARES members showed up only with their HT, with some in shorts, sandals, no headgear nor uniform/identification of any kind.


ARES responders need to meet the same equipment standards as Fire, Police and CERT personnel. Had ARES members attending our mock drill arrived and reported for an actual event, they wouldn't have been deemed prepared and likely would be sent to NIMS-IC "camp" for training. ARES/ARRL needs to develop gear standards. ARES personnel

need to arrive on the emergency site ready to be deployed. Prepared for deployment means ARES members having more than the clothing on their backs and an HT (with only one set of batteries) in their hand!—Lyle Schultz, KI4MYT, <> Titusville, Florida



Bob Hollister N7INK


July 4 – Bisbee Coaster Race
July 7-9 – Williams Hamfest

Annual Pager Dues – Just a reminder that if you have a RACES pager that the annual payments are due in June.   I have recently received payments from a couple members and want to thank you for reminding me it’s that time of year again. I am billed monthly by AZ Paging. I offer the option to pay monthly at $1.50 a month or annually at $15.00.

MCU Update – I was advised yesterday that the Regional Advisory Council has approved using some of the Homeland Security grant money to build a security fence for the MCU at Green Acres. I’ll have more on that subject on our next net. On a recent training event, we determined that one of the support ropes for the military surplus Inverted V antenna kit is missing. I have found a similar support rope tie-down and rebuilt the missing component. I also color-coded the three long ropes to facilitate putting this antenna up. The three short ropes were already clearly marked. The short ones are coded yellow and the longer ones light green. Toward the end of July we schedule another MCU hands-on training opportunity.

4) Coaster Race Reminder – Still looking for volunteers for the July 4th Coaster Race in Bisbee. Minimum requirements are to have a hand-held radio and enjoy a morning in Bisbee watching the youngsters speed down Tombstone Canyon to the Finish Line at the Post Office. Our job is to provide course security and warn the organizers of potential dangerous conditions on the track. It starts about 8:00 in the morning and generally over by 10:00. This allows plenty of time to go to the Warren District and watch one of the oldest, continuously occurring, Fourth of July Parades in Arizona.





ARRL letter May 4, 2006


Several FCC Part 97 Amateur Radio rule revisions to implement changes agreed

to at the international level during World Radiocommunication Conference

2003 (WRC-03) went into effect May 3 upon their publication in The Federal

Register. The FCC Order

<>, released

in January, revises:


The FCC Order revises:

 * §97.111(a)(1) to permit "transmissions necessary to exchange messages with

other stations in the Amateur Service, except those in any country whose

administration has notified the ITU that it objects to such communications.

The FCC will issue public notices of current arrangements for international

communications." The old language permitted communication among amateur

stations in different countries "except those in any country whose

administration has given notice that it objects to such communications."


The FCC said the change does not prejudice its consideration of comments to

rule changes it's proposed to §97.111(a)(2) in WT Docket 04-140--the

so-called "Omnibus" proceeding that covers a wide range of rule changes and

proposals. The Commission wants to amend that rule section to clarify that

amateur stations may at all times and on all authorized channels transmit

communications necessary to meet essential needs and to facilitate relief



* §97.115(a)(2) to facilitate the transmission of international

communications on behalf of third parties in emergency or disaster-relief

situations, whether or not a third-party agreement is in place between the

US and the countries involved. The revision now permits communication with

any non-US station "when transmitting emergency or disaster relief

communications" as well as with any non-US station "whose administration has

made arrangements with the United States to allow amateur stations to be

used for transmitting international communications on behalf of third



The revised rule further provides that no station may transmit third-party

traffic other than emergency or disaster relief communications to a station

whose government has not made a third-party arrangement. Still excepted from

the prohibition is any third party eligible to be the control operator of an

amateur station.


* §97.113(a)(4) to prohibit amateur stations exchanging messages with

amateur stations in other countries from making transmissions that are

encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning, except for control

signals exchanged between Earth command stations and space stations in the

Amateur-Satellite service, something Part 97 already provides for. The old

rule referred to the use of "codes and ciphers."


The same rule also already prohibits transmitting music, communications

intended to facilitate a criminal act, obscene or indecent words or language

and false or deceptive messages, signals or identification.


* §97.117 to state that amateur stations may transmit communications

incidental to the purposes of the Amateur Service and to remarks of a

personal character.


The FCC also revised §97.3 and 97.309 to update the definition of

International Morse code and of various digital codes in the amateur rules

to reflect changes in the Radio Regulations.


The WRC-03 Final Acts revising the international regulations that apply to

the Amateur and the Amateur Satellite services became effective July 5,

2003. These latest Part 97 revisions now bring the FCC's Amateur Service

rules into conformance with the international Radio Regulations.

ARES Initiates Database of Emergency Operators

June EAARS Newsletter, Dave Wells.  WB7ONJ, Editor

Rick Aldom W7STS, ARRL AZ Section Emergency Coordinator advises they have developed a new secure database for Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) operators. This site has 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption similar to what the banks have. The secure portion of the site is located at: We put this site together so that in the event of an emergency due to natural causes or terrorism, we would have more of an idea of the capabilities and equipment of each operator. Even if you have filled out the paper registration, we ask that you take a few minutes and complete the online registration process as it allows your DEC's to have a much more complete picture of your capabilities and will be searchable when needing to fill specific requirements.
Registration is a simple process where you create your login in, password and enter an email address. The system then sends an email with a validation link that you must respond to in order to continue the registration process. At that point you can enter your name, address, phone numbers, email and latitude / longitude etc. There is a text box that you can tell the Emergency Coordinators information that might be useful such as "can't stand long periods" or "Committed to County SAR team". We would also like you to enter an emergency contact person and phone number(s) in case of emergency. If you are comfortable with doing so, you can enter acute medical conditions you might have such as diabetes etc. (which is completely optional). We ask for your birthday in case of a medical emergency. You will then proceed to forms for the types of equipment and training you have. When you complete your 3 registration forms, an email will be generated and sent to your county District Emergency Coordinator so that your information can be reviewed and the DEC can get to know you.
The data we collect is strictly for the use of Arizona ARES management personnel. We do not permit the dissemination of this data outside Arizona ARES. We are looking for you to complete the form as completely as you are comfortable with. Any member will have access to other's email, but ALL the rest of the data is only visible to ARES management (EC's and above). If you have concerns, email Rick W7STS

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