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Lee Ilse, KD7OED


CARA members again participated in Field Day as a Class F station by activating the Cochise County Alternate EOC at Green Acres.  The number of participants dropped from 26 last year to 16 this year, and consequently we worked only 16 hours out of the 24-hour contest period.  We also had 400 fewer bonus points than last year.  But due to the higher number of digital contacts this year (both CW and PSK), we actually racked up more QSO points than last year and our overall claimed score will be down only 40 points from last year (3640 vs. 3680).  We worked 49 out of 50 states, and 76 out of 80 sections (missing only Delaware, Puerto Rico, Newfoundland, and the Northwest Territories).   Thanks to all members who made this even another great success!!



Lee Isle, KD7OED


Due to our lack of a full-time caretaker for most of the past two years, our facilities at Green Acres are starting to fall into disrepair.  We are also overdue for a grounds inspection by the BLM as part of our lease renewal process.  Consequently, we have set tentative dates for major repair and cleanup activities this fall on SEP 16th, October 7th, and November 11th.   Major projects will include painting the exterior of Larson Hall, removal of the old storage shed between the pole barn and the latrines, and removal of all remaining trash from the northwest corner of the property.  In addition to these major projects, we will also do general grounds cleanup and beautification.   Please mark your calendars now and plan to participate on all three Saturdays – we need EVERYONE’S help if we are to complete this important project and secure our lease renewal.  More discussion will occur during the August Club Meeting.



 P.O. Box 1855, Sierra Vista, AZ  85636

CARA General Membership Meeting Minutes July 3, 2006


The meeting was called to order by President KD7OED at 7:00 pm.   Other officers present included Vice President NJ7C, Secretary KD7HAB, Treasurer KD7TDL, and Member at Large WB6OTS.


Secretary’s Report: A motion was made by KK7NO that the minutes be accepted as published in the Smoke and seconded by N7DQS.  The motion was approved on a voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report: KD7TDL reported that as of July 3rd our balances were:


                              Savings account              $ 10,372.01

                              Antenna Fund                  $ 1,837.25

                              Checking account            $ 6,372.55

                              Total funds                      $ 16,744.56


Member-at-large: WB6OTS & KD7OED reported that, on field day, we where down by 40 points because we did not have as many points in voice as we did last year


R.A.C.E.S. N7INK reported that the MCU had to go in for a repair to the Antilock Brake System.  The only repair shop for this type of heavy truck is O’Reilly’s in Tucson, but the repair is complete.  While giving the RACES report, N7INK was paged for a SAR mission (to assist with a lost hiker), so the rest of the report will be given next month.


Vice President & Membership: NJ7C reported that we have 7 life members, 21 family, 70 full members, 7 associate, and 1 honorary membership.


Technical Report: KB7RDG reported that the ground system has been upgraded at the Mule Mountain repeater. A plan is in the works to replace the hardline between the repeater and the antenna; this should improve sensitivity throughout the county.  N7INK has reprogrammed the digipeater to be more in compliance with new national standards, but still has one more parameter to adjust. The SEARS 440 repeater on the hill is still not working right. The north tribander at Green Acres is pointing to the NW and is stuck in that position.


President’s Report: KD7OED said that the Board meeting had a small turn out.  The county is now assisting with the BLM lease renewal process.  There will be a lease inspection in the fall, and we need to have a major cleanup after Labor Day. N7SFP is our interim custodian and he will be getting the windows secure on Pete’s Palace. 



S.E.A.R.S. N7DQS vice president of SEARS reported that the SEARS club will have their next meeting on the 15th of July and they are meeting at Dawn’s restaurant. 


Paradise:  The annual special event expedition to Paradise is coming up over Labor Day weekend.  This will be the 27th year for Paradise – N7INK will have more information next month.


No New Business


No 50/50


The next regular meeting will be August 7, 2006


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 P.M. 



 Respectfully Submitted



Pat Thies/ KD7HAB


Cochise Amateur Radio Association



          Lee Ilse, KD7OED


This event was held 7-9 JUL at the Williams Rodeo Grounds.  Participation was the best yet in our third year at Williams, and the grounds were completely full with swapfest participants on Saturday.  Although there was some rain in the afternoon both Friday and Saturday, this did not stop the great presentations and seminars from our national and state officers, nor the great ARCA barbecue dinner Saturday evening.  There are three items of particular interest for our club members:


State Convention and Hamfest Location: Some of the participants continue to ask why the convention was moved from Flagstaff to Williams.  During the ARCA meeting, the ARCA board explained that the reason for this decision three years ago was strictly financial.   The nationwide trend for the past 5 years has been for fewer and fewer participants at state and regional hamfests.  The bill for the Coconino County fairgrounds at Flagstaff was approximately $9,600 for the 2003 event, and it is no longer possible to raise enough money during the state convention to pay that large of a bill.  The Williams site was offered for free for the first two years, and although ARCA did pay $400 this year, we have been assured that the price will remain very reasonable for at least the next five years.  Additionally, lodging is more affordable in Williams, and the community generally rolls out the red carpet to welcome the event.  There were no suggestions from the floor for other affordable locations, so the Williams site will be used again next year.


ARCA Elections: CARA members now occupy three of the four ARCA elected board positions.  John Lanza (KC7IM) was re-elected as ARCA President.  Grant Hays (WB6OTS) is the new ARCA Secretary, and Lee Ilse (KD7OED) is the new ARCA Second Vice-President.  Doug Collins (KE6JUK) of Bullhead City moves from Secretary to First Vice-President, and Chris Kesauer (N7PVL) of Glendale will remain as the appointed ARCA treasurer.



Statewide ARES Database: The ARRL Arizona Section Emergency Coordinator (Rick Aldom, W7STS) advises that he has developed a new secure database for Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) operators.  The purpose of the database is to allow Emergency Coordinators from various parts of the state to get an idea of the capabilities and equipment of ARES operators that could be called from other parts of the state in the event of an emergency that cannot be handled with local operators.  Rick requests that all ARES members take a few minutes and complete the online registration process.  Members who register will have access to each other’s email addresses, but all other information will be restricted to Arizona ARES personnel (EC’s and above).  The site has 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption similar to what banks are now using, and is located at

          Registration is a simple process where you create your login ID, password, and enter your email address.  The system then sends an email with a validation link that you must respond to in order to continue the registration process.  At that point you can enter your name, address, phone numbers, email, and other information.  You can also tell Emergency Coordinators unique information such as “can’t stand for long periods” or “Committed to County SAR team” or “prefer to not deploy but will support as a Home Unit” or other similar information.   Rick also requests that you enter an emergency contact person and phone numbers and some other personal information in case you encounter your own personal emergency while deployed.  You then complete the form by entering the types of equipment and training that you have. 

          Rick also advises that he has created a new Arizona EMCOM list server.  If you would like to join the group, please email Rick at  The list server will be open to discussions concerning Emergency Communications throughout Arizona.  Although you need to be a member to post, visitors can view messages at



Bob Hollister, N7INK


The search was for a 44-year-old male and two kids ages 8 and 11.  They had gone for a day hike near Carr Peak and got disoriented.  The callout started around 20:15.  Roger (W7RGP), RB (K7HVV), Rob (AC7XA), Hal (WD8DOM) Floyd (W7LPJ) and myself were the initial responders.  Roger, RB and I deployed to the Carr Canyon Command Post site.


We had several things going for us. Tucson Ranger was able to respond with their FLIR aircraft. The missing gentleman had a cell phone and was able to call in and tell us when

the helicopter was close or eventually overhead. After an hour or so the helicopter vectored in and we had a reasonable grid coordinate in Miller Canyon to send in a ground team.  We relocated the command post to the Perimeter Trail parking lot at the bottom of Miller Canyon to facilitate communications.  A ground team was dispatched to start toward the grid coordinates we had.  The helicopter went back up and spotlighted the location from the air for the ground team and then went back to Tucson. 

The ground team established voice contact with the missing persons and then were able to locate them quite a bit off the trail.  It took about an hour for them to return back to the

base camp but everyone was in pretty fair condition. The kids had suffered a few scratches and bruises and they had exhausted their water so it was good we got to them when we did.


Unfortunately the family had no light sources to assist the helicopter and they were in dense enough overhead cover that the FLIR was unable to get a good heat source to locate them.  The use of the cell phone and over flights turned out to be the best tools to locate them.


Charles (K4AFN) picked up home monitoring duties when he completed his shift out at Green Acres Field Day Activities.  My thanks to all who turned out and either monitored from home or deployed.


Another successful search. A great job by the ground team to locate them in the dark and off trail. That was an extra Murphy to overcome and to throw into the mix along with the difficult terrain.



The ARRL Letter, June 30, 2006


A new ARRL DXCC entity came into being this week! As expected, the United

Nations admitted the Republic of Montenegro as its 192nd member June 28, and

that action automatically makes the tiny Balkan nation the 336th current

DXCC entity.  Claims for DXCC credit will be accepted immediately.


The Daily DX <> this week quoted Ranko Boca, YT6A, that current Montenegrin radio amateurs may use their current Serbia-Montenegro call signs until the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) designates a call sign block for the new country.


In anticipation of Montenegro’s new nation status, International DX Festival Montenegro <> is going on now until August 12. That's when several international operators— with Boca as DXpedition leader and well-known DXer Martti Laine, OH2BH, as radio operations leader — will join forces with Montenegrin Amateur Radio operators from at least three different stations using a common call sign in an effort to meet the DX community's need to work the newest DXCC Entity.  Festival organizers have set the ambitious goal of 200,000 contacts for the

event, which will use all HF bands.


Bob Hollister, N7INK


 Paradise 27th Anniversary Outing - Just a reminder that we are getting closer to the annual Paradise outing and training event.  As always, we will be using the Labor Day weekend as a training event to provide an opportunity to familiarize RACES members with the MCU and its various capabilities.  Since it is still relatively new, there are a number of members who will benefit from this opportunity.  We will depart from Green Acres in Sierra Vista at 7:30 on Saturday and convoy to the Ghost Town of Paradise to set up and operate over the weekend.  Bob needs a headcount for the permit from the Forest Service so please let him know before the 1st of August if you intend to join us for the weekend.  Thanks.

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