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Lee Ilse, KD7OED, Club President


Len Morgan (K5BGG) ended his long struggle with cancer Tuesday, October 17th.   Len grew up in Louisiana, and proudly served his country as a fighter pilot during a long and distinguished Air Force career. His worldwide service included overseas assignments in Germany, Iran, and in Thailand where he flew more than 100 combat missions over Vietnam in the F-105 Thunderchief (AKA the “Thud”) before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1978. During his Air Force career, Len was also active in the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) program, and even served for a time as the director of Air Force MARS for Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas (12th Air Force Headquarters).


Len’s activity in amateur radio spanned more than 40 years after he was first licensed as a Novice in 1955 as KN5BGG. He was a member of the CARA board of directors for a number of years, and played a key role in the smooth transition of CARA leadership after the passing of club president Chuck Stanley (W5FWE) in 2001. As an amateur operator, Len continued in his fighter pilot tradition and was always “pushing the envelope” to explore new technology. He was active on PSK-31 and slow-scan television, and was one of the most active APRS operators in southeastern Arizona – even testing out on the 30-meter HF band! You could always count on seeing K5BGG’s APRS activity on, often because of the APRS traffic he would exchange with WB5UAA via VHF APRS relay all the way to Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas (usually regarding something they were doing with the latest version of the newfangled Linux computer operating system). Len was also the head cook at the annual CARA hamfest for many years, where his Cajun-style “blackened burgers” were always a big hit. Len’s constant willingness to try new ideas, ever-present good will, and unique charm will be sadly missed by all of us who knew him. Services were held Monday, 23 October at the Sierra Vista United Methodist Church, Internment followed at the Southern Arizona Veteran’s Cemetery with full military honors.



Bob Hollister, N7INK from ARRL Letter October 6th


A section of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 2007 Appropriations Act, HR 5441 <>, formally includes Amateur Radio operators as a part of the emergency communications community. Congress approved the measure before adjourning for its pre-election break. President George W. Bush signed the bill into law October 4.


Amateur Radio is included within the legislation's Subtitle D, Section 671,

known as the "21st Century Emergency Communications Act." Radio amateurs are among the entities with which a Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group (RECC Working Group) must coordinate its activities. Included within the DHS's Office of Emergency Communications -- which the measure also creates -- RECC Working Groups attached to each regional DHS office will advise federal and state homeland security officials. The final version of the legislation incorporated language from both House and Senate bills and was hammered out in a conference committee.  An earlier version of the 21st Century Emergency Communications Act, HR 5852, included Amateur Radio operators as members of the RECC Working Groups.


In addition to Amateur Radio operators, RECC Working Groups also will

coordinate with communications equipment manufacturers and vendors --

including broadband data service providers, local exchange carriers, local

broadcast media, wireless carriers, satellite communications services, cable operators, hospitals, public utility services, emergency evacuation transit services, ambulance services, and representatives from other private sector entities and non governmental organizations.


The RECC Working Groups will assess the survivability, sustainability and

interoperability of local emergency communication systems to meet the goals of the National Emergency Communications Report. That report would recommend how the US could "accelerate the deployment of interoperable emergency communications nationwide." They also will coordinate the establishment of "effective multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency emergency communications networks" that could be brought into play in an emergency or disaster.


In light of the new legislation, the ARRL plans to follow up to determine

how it can interact with the DHS and its Office of Emergency Communications.





Ending a protracted waiting period, the FCC's Report and Order in

the so-called ''Omnibus'' Amateur Radio proceeding, WT Docket 04-140,

was adopted October 4 and released October 10, 2006. In it, the FCC

adopted nearly all of the proposed changes in the Notice of Proposed

Rulemaking released back in 2004. The FCC has:


+ expanded the phone subbands in the 75 and 40 meter bands;


+ permitted auxiliary stations to transmit on portions of the 2

meter band;


+ permitted the use of spread spectrum on 222-225 MHz;


+ permitted amateurs to retransmit communications from the

International Space Station;


+ permitted amateur licensees to designate a specific Amateur Radio

club to receive their call sign in memoriam;


+ prohibited an applicant from filing more than one application for

a specific vanity call sign;


+ eliminated certain restrictions on equipment manufacturers;


+ permitted Amateur Radio stations in Alaska and surrounding waters

more flexibility in providing emergency communications;


+ clarified that ''amateur stations may, at all times and on all

frequencies authorized to the control operator, make transmissions

necessary to meet essential communication needs and to facilitate

relief actions'';


+ deleted the frequency bands and segments specified for RACES


+ deleted the requirement for public announcement of test locations

and times.


In addition, the FCC took several other miscellaneous actions.


In ''refarming'' the frequencies currently authorized to Novice and

Technician Plus licensees, the Commission increased the voice

segments for General, Advanced and Amateur Extra licensees.


On 75 meters, Generals will be able to use voice from 3800-4000 kHz,

an increase of 50 kHz. Advanced class licensees will be able to use

voice from 3700-4000, an increase of 75 kHz, and Amateur Extras will

be able to use voice from 3600 to 4000 kHz, a generous increase of

150 kHz.


On 40 meters, Advanced and Extra Class licensees will be able to use

voice from 7125-7300 kHz, an increase of 25 kHz. General class

licensees will be able to use voice on 7175-7300 kHz, an increase of

50 kHz.


On 15 meters, General class operators will have phone privileges on

21275-21450 kHz, an increase of 25 kHz.


ARRL President Joel Harrison, W5ZN, expressed the ARRL's gratitude

to the FCC Commissioners in a letter dated October 11: ''On behalf of

the ARRL and the Commission's licensees in the Amateur Radio Service

I want to express appreciation for your release yesterday of the

Report and Order in WT Docket 04-140 (FCC 06-149) amending Part 97

of the Commission's Rules. The Commission's action in clearing this

pending proceeding will assist the Amateur Radio Service in meeting

its objectives, particularly with regard to providing emergency and

public service communications.''


The changes will go into effect 30 days after the R&O is published

in the Federal Register.



 October 2006



The Pueblo Magnet High School in Tucson was scheduled to contact the

International Space Station on Wednesday September 27th.  Teacher Miguel

Enriquez KD7RPP, had worked with the league to setup a contact,  unfortunately

they did not hear the station.  The students are planning on upgrading

 their satellite capability to increase their chances next time.  They were one of four schools across the country that was given this opportunity.  The class was flooded with TV crews and newspaper reporters all covering the story.



The ARES Registration website is alive and cooking right along.  As of

 This writing, we have about 275 members in the system.  The folks in Orange Section have exceeded 100.  Not only have we received many nice comments  from the folks in Arizona & Orange, we are starting to see some very nice comments from around the country.  Here are just a couple:

From Kansas: As an ARES EC for 8 years and currently SATERN KS State

Coordinator this type of database would provide immediate information when needed.  With new liability concerns using volunteers and

background checks required by The Salvation Army this would provide a great service to me personally in getting members activated immediately.  I currently have to manually track this same information.  EMCOMM training and NIMS training is also becoming more and more important.  Having access to this info is great.  Will this be available to all states or just Arizona? June Jeffers - KB0WEQ Gardner, KS


From Nevada: In reading my ARES Bulletin today, I got to the article for

YourARES registration database.  Being a curious type that I am, I logged in using  the 'demo' information.  This tool is something that should not have been the last article included in the bulletin, in my opinion.  It should have been one of the FIRST.  Paul Cavnar - K7IN


 If you haven't taken the few minutes to register, now's the TIME!!


One other quick note, the American Red Cross is requiring background

Checks  for volunteers who are going to be in their tents & facilities.  It's a

painless process, and the results are almost immediate (less than an hour

 in my case).  If you provide communications for the Red Cross, having the

background check will make volunteering easier.  Send me an email if you

didn't see Kathi Bonnell's email on AzHamserve or ArizonaHam and I will

 forward the instructions.  Rick Aldom W7STS Section Emergency Coordinator



 We are looking for a club to take on the 2008 Southwestern Division

Convention.  We have a lot of volunteers but no one has stepped up to run

The convention.  If you are interested or know someone who might be, let me know.  Also if any of you have experience at running conventions or large meetings and would like to help also let me know.




Al Balius KD7ECL passed away on September 18th.  Al was a member of the Catalina Radio Club in Tucson Arizona.



The following Arizona hams just received their FCC license,

Congratulations!  Michael Addis KE7IUJ, Kara Allred KE7IVI, Vanyel Amenhauser KE7IQV, Danny Beck KE7IVD, Acie Brown KE7IVE, Ronald Douglass Sr KE7IVS, Glen Emmons KE7IUE, Maddalena Fiorillo KE7IUK, Sheri Fox KE7IVN, Craig Garrett KE7IVY, Gary Harris KE7IVR, Jason Houle KE7IVJ, Eldon Kelm KE7IVC, Otis Larson Jr  KE7IVP, George Leger KE7IVM, Craig Ludwig KE7IVK, Helen Mccormick KE7ITD, David Mccormick KE7ITC, Steven Miller KE7IVF, Maynard Nielson KE7IVQ, Katherine Outram KE7IRB, Brian Parent KE7IVG, Phil Pier KE7IVZ, Ashley Poulton  KE7IVH,

Virginia Richey KE7ITB, Todd Schumacher KE7IVO, Perry Shirley KE7ITK,

 Stephen Worachek KE7IVL, Michael Zunino AD7JG,



Hualapai ARC Hamfest in Kingman had another great hamfest on Sept 9th.


The 2006 TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference (DCC) was on

September15-17 at the Clarion Airport Hotel in Tucson, This was the 25th

Anniversary of the founding of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR).  They had many great presentations and several vendors were in attendance.


Southwestern Division Convention was last weekend in San Diego CA.  The

San Diego County Amateur Radio Council did a great job.  Many fine speakers  and vendors.  It was good to see so many Arizona hams in attendance.


Tucson Hamfest was October 21, 2006  sponsored by the Old Pueblo Radio Club, Tucson Repeater Association, & Radio Society of Tucson at Kino Sports Park.


Cochise Amateur Radio Association Swapfest in Sierra Vista on November 4,  2006. The swapfest will be from 7am to 1pm, VE Exams tests at 10am.

Contact Lee Ilse KD7OED


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about ARRL. If

Your club or group has an activity or event that would be of interest to other hams throughout our section please email me with the specifics.


 73, Tom Fagan WB7NXH, ARRL Section Manager Arizona

Tucson Arizona 520 574-1129



Bob Hollister, N7INK


SV Christmas Parade - We have participated in this parade in the past. 

I am looking for two volunteers to drive the MCU in the parade. Please

drop me an e-mail if you would like to be considered.


The night of Oct. 16th and early the next morning we were deployed to rescue three severely injured folks off the south endof the Huachuca Mountains.  One had a broken femur, one had a bad back injury and the third a puncture wound near the kidney.  My heartfelt thanks to Roger Peters for driving the MCU and to Hal for monitoring the frequency for us.  It was a long night.


We saw first hand some of the repaired damage to the road over Montezuma.  They still have some work to do but the MCU went over the hill quite well.  Four Wheel Low got used.


We did have a problem with the camera control, could not access the control. Not sure why as it worked on Saturday.  We need to add a couple Border Patrol Frequencies (Red Mountain),  Red Mountain

CMA did not work for us (wrong PL tone?) and we need to get the Radio

Programming Cable back.  We could have used it to set up a patch with Border Patrol.


We had to be flexible and move channels frequently to accommodate

each of the Medevac helicopters.  That was interesting.

Reprogrammed Interagency on the FT 2800 so we could monitor CC-IA for one of the helicopters.


The laptop LCD screen quit again during the night.  We used the new wide screen monitor in order to use the laptop computer.  We have to get that replaced A S A P.


Had trouble getting enough people for the team.  Tried calling some people on cell phones and still got no answer at all.


The night of Oct. 27th (23:15) we were paged out to assist in locating a

20 year old autistic male and his dog in Sunizona. He was located late the next afternoon after a long difficult search.


Additionally, a search for two overdue hunters was initiated early Saturday morning in the Chiricahua Mountains.  They were located in the Turkey Creek area earlier in the morning.


My thanks to Dale (NJ7C) and Lee (KD7OED) for taking the night shift with me and to Tom (K7KCX), Charles (K4AFN), and Bill (N7BIL) for relieving us this morning and taking the late morning and afternoon shift.  Without these volunteers,  the other RACES members and the SAR team we could not successfully perform this valuable service to the community.


My hat is off to you all.  Thank You



ON A PLUMBER’S TRUCK: Don’t sleep with a drip.  Call your plumber.


THE COCHISE SMOKE is published each month by e-mail and snail mail.  Editor is Ted Weaver, K9TED   Snail mail stuff you’d like to have me publish in Smoke to P.O. Box 6017, Huachuca City, AZ 85616 or use the above e-mail address.


The Cochise Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (CARA)

P.O. Box 1855

Sierra Vista, AZ 85636


Text Box:


                                             “This Is A First Class Publication”







October 2, 2006


Meeting was called to order by President KD7OED, other officers present were Treasurer KD7TDL, Member at Large WB6OTS, and Secretary KD7HAB.


Lee gave a presentation as to what is up at our site on Mule Mountain. This was a very good presentation.


Vice President no report from NJ7C he is out of town


Treasurer KD7TDL gave his report we have as of October 2, 2006  $1,837.25 in the antenna fund, checking balance is $5,083.07 and the saving account is $10,647.37 for a total of $15,730.44


Secretary Report a motion was made by WB6OTS and seconded by KK7NO to accept the minutes as printed in the SMOKE.


Member at Large WB6OTS General class is going we have 4 people in the class.  Jamboree on the Air Oct 21, 2006 is the only joint event for both Girl Scouts and Boy Scout.  Juanita will be taking care of the testing on November 4, 2006


Tech Report KB7RDG  We are ok on Lighting protection on the hill. The reason for the trip to the hill is BLM is setting up building standards on the hill.  We need to do better bounding to the equipment on the hill.


Material AF7HZ  Gone through all of KF7TJ equipment.  The list has gone to his YL and she will go over it, then when we sell we will only go with the asking price. The day of the sell the prices will be lower late in the day.

We have not made it out to Karen’s to look at KF7TJ  antennas tower and rotor will go out some day when it is convenient for Karen she does not want us to take it down just yet. 


RACES N7INK  Fence is up and the MCU is out at CARA

3 missions call off before they even got started all three where involving UDA getting sick or lost. Last month Benson hospital did an emergency training for the hospital staff KE7HFA, Tom KE7KCX AND Al Hayes where there. KE7HFA reported that 14 tables were set up and that haz mat had the tent set and they explained what all you had to do when you where contaminated.  KE7HFA explained what all they people had to do when they went through and said it was very interesting.  Earlier in the month Bob did a courtesy visit and found they did not have the radio set up.  And found a spot to but the radio. 

Bike race on the 14th Oct and take the MCU over to the Cars in the Park the same weekend.


If you are a RACES member and have a pager respond to the page even if you can cot go out so they know the pager system is working


ARCA Report no report because we have not had an ARCA meeting since the last one the next ARCA meeting is October 21,2006 at the Tucson Hamfest


NET  Report K4AFN Is doing a good job on the net on Thursday night.


Old Business

Lease renewal nothing new on that.

Have had good clean up at Green Arcs on Saturday October 7 we will have a another clean up and do the back 40. 

County if they can do it will have us sign a 99 year lease with BLM instead of a 20 year lease. As the county gets bigger the we may have additional county facility out at CARA. One more clean up in November and that will be the weekend after the swapfest. 


KD7OED is going to get some emergency motion lights to put on the shed for the MCU


KF7TJ memorial the books have arrived K4AFN is making the labels to go in the books.



WD8DOM is not doing good health whys he has some form of Leukemia

His bones are brittle and they break easy.


Len Morgan K5BGG also has bladder cancer and he has had surgery and is in ICU at St. Joseph Hospital in Tucson he is not allowed to have visitor so if you want to send a card sent it to his house and I am sure his wife will get it to him.



Next meeting will be November 6, 2006


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm



Respectfully submitted




Pat Thies