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Bob Hollister, N7INK

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12/2             Christmas Parade in Sierra Vista

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CARA General Membership Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2006

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by KD7OED.  Other officers present were NJ7C and KD7HAB.  WB6OTS and KD7TDL were absent.


Presentation: The first item on the agenda was a super presentation by Ken Carpenter (WA7UIM) on the Iridium Satellite phone system.   More details about the system can be found on the web at  or at  Details on how to see an Iridium “flare” can also be found at  Ken will be happy to answer other questions if you contact him via email:


President’s Report: KD7OED reported that the next ARCA meeting is at the Superstition Hamfest on Dec 2.  There will also be an ARCA meeting at the Yuma Hamfest in February (President’s Day weekend).

KD7OED gave a short report on the recent swapfest and thanked N8QEN and N7SFP for cutting the grass, KB7ND, W8UXD, AC7XA, and N7BIL for setting up the junk sale, and KK7WA, N7INK, and N7BIL for doing the VE testing.  The VE testing was a great success and we have two new technician licensees present (Jamie Figueroa and Don Savill).  The General class taught this fall by WB6OTS and K4AFN was also very successful - Linda Carpenter (N7KAZ) and Gut Brewer (KE7EUZ) both upgraded from tech plus to General.  B.J. Kelsey (KE7HFA), Leland Lehr (KE7GUM), John Brewer (KE7EVA) and Brian Jansen (K7BTJ) all passed the Element 3 General test, but still need the Element 1 Morse Exam to complete their upgrades.  WB6OTS will be conducting a code class beginning in late January.  We raised a total of $381.00 for the club from the swapfest, and $1,437.30 for the Larry Warren (KF7TJ) estate sale.

KD7OED also reported that Ken Kelly (W7WV) is handling the estate sale for Len Morgan (K5BGG).  The club will assist LaVon in taking down Len’s tower and antenna.

Vice President’s Report: NJ7C reported that the breakdown of our 112 members is:   7 Life Members, 74 Full Members,  23 Family Members

  7 Associate Members, 1 Honorary Member


Secretary’s Report: A motion was made by K4AFN and seconded by AC7XA to accept the October minutes as published in the Smoke.  The motion was passed on a voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report: KD7TDL was absent due to illness so KD7OED reported for him:

Saving Account Balance:    $11,142.40  (Includes HF Antenna Fund of $ 2,330.47)

Checking Account Balance: $ 4,481.62

Total Balance:                     $15,911.95


Technical Director’s Report: KB7RDG reported that we are going to have to reposition cabling and antennas for the digipeater on the Mule Mountain site.  A work party is scheduled for 11 NOV to complete this action.


Material Director’s Report: AD7HZ had nothing additional to report.


RACES Report: N7INK reported that the RACES group put in a total of 343 volunteer hours last month.  On the 27th & 28th of November there was a mission in Sunizona for a lost man who was successfully located.  During that mission we also responded to a report of overdue hunters who were also located, although on the opposite side of the Chiricahua Mountains from where they were reported to be hunting.  The group also supported a recovery mission for the bodies of two ultra light aircraft pilots who had crashed in Skeleton Canyon.  RACES will conduct joint training with the MCU and Search and Rescue on November 18th at the Hereford Bridge.


CARA Net Report: K4AFN invites everybody to join the net on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.


Old Business: KD7OED reported that there is nothing new on the lease agreement, but that due to the outstanding efforts of Dave Kelly (N7SFP) and his helpers, almost all of the junk has been removed from the western part of the property.  As such, the third installment of Green Acres cleanup will be deferred until after the first of the year. 


WA6MJN arranged for our yearly fire inspection, and we got a clean bill of health from the Fry Fire District inspector.  The inspector did suggest that we install a sign that says FLAMMABLE on the generator shed due to the fact that fuel is stored there, but this is not mandatory.  The battery failed in the Larson Hall emergency light and is of a type that is no longer available, so we will also be installing a replacement fixture that is hard-wired into the Larson Hall electrical system.


New Business: The ARRL November Sweepstakes (Phone) is the 18th and 19th of November, and our annual opportunity for kids to talk to Santa on the radio will also be on the 19th of November.  Sign-up sheets for both events were passed around to the membership. 


In lieu of a regular club meeting in December, we will again be having our annual Christmas Potluck on December 9th at 1:30pm.  The club will provide the ham, turkey, and coffee, while members are encouraged to bring side dishes, deserts, and the beverage of their choice.  Pat (KD7HAB) is coordinating the list of what side dishes folks are bringing, and it is also posted on the club web page. As always, please bring your own plates and silverware.


Announcement:  Hal Thomas (WD8DOM) has moved back to Ohio due to his failing health so that he can be near his family. 


Next Regular Meeting: 7:00 PM, January 8, 2007 at Green Acres.  During this meeting we will also have elections for Vice President and Treasurer.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.


Respectfully submitted


Pat Thies, KD7HAB

CARA Secretary



Bob Hollister, N7INK


SAR Academy – If you have not attended at least one of these academies

(offered annually), try to arrange your schedule to attend this academy

in February.  It provides a great introduction to basic Search and Rescue

operations and exposure to the vocabulary and techniques used in SAR

operations. Basic map reading and the legal basis for SAR is also covered

during the two day training.  Since the academy is rotated between Willcox

and Sierra Vista, this year is particularly advantageous to those living

in the west county area.


The page out today (10 Nov.) initially indicated searching for an injured

or possible deceased person off the Crest Trail in the Huachucas.

Upon arrival it was determined to be a confirmed deceased.

Unfortunately we were unable to locate and recover before it got dark.

We terminated for the evening (to) proceed again in the morning.

Thanks to Roger (W7RGP) and Rob (AC7XA) for their assistance

this evening. Also to Sara (KB7ODD) and Floyd (K7LPJ for



At 08:30 on 18 November we deployed from the CARA club site on Moson road to the training site just east of the San Pedro River and the Hereford Road Bridge. We were set up and operational at approximately 09:00.  The

satellite terminal was activated for Internet access and a Cat 5 network

cable was run to the SAR Command Vehicle. With the assistance of Pablo

Duarte (County IT/KE7FPP) the network was established and appropriate

network settings established.  Three SAR teams (Ground/Mounted/ATV) were deployed and we maintained VHF communications links with them and documented their search efforts using the ICS Form 309 (Communications Log).  Specific items were then recorded plotted on the Terra Navigator mapping software. A test message with an attached photo was successfully sent to and acknowledged by CCSO Dispatch via the SATCOMM Internet connection. I believe our training objectives were met on this exercise.  Training concluded at 14:00 and the team broke down and returned to the club site.


RACES Team Deployed Participants:

Mike Bales - KC7CTY,  Charles Campbell - K4AFN, Pablo Duarte - KE7FPP

Jaime Figueroa - KE7JNA, Bob Hollister -  N7INK, Bob Rice - K7HVV

Pat Thies - KD7HAB.  My thanks to all the participants and to the CCSO radio operators for their Assistance.


We received (a) call at 11:48 (20 Nov.) for an overdue hiker in the Portal area of the Chiricahua Mtns.  The good news is that he walked out, Code 4,

before we were able to get past the College approaching Douglas.


Thanks to all who responded and those who agreed to be on standby in the event of a prolonged mission.



Lee Ilse, KD7OED


The 2006 Field Day results are now posted on the ARRL website. I am happy to report that for the second year in a row, CARA had the highest score of all the class F stations in Arizona. K7RST from Tucson came in a close second (we beat them by only 200 points this year compared to more than 1000 points last year). I understand that the RST club will likely merge with OPARC in January – if so they will likely mount a very significant effort next year, and may displace us as the top class F station in the state.

In spite of the fact band conditions were down and our score was actually 40 points lower than last year, we still managed to place 5th overall in the state of Arizona (up from 7th last year). This was achieved in part because of the fact that K6LL did not participate in Field Day this year, and K7TR went from a class 4A to a 1D station (4 operators to 1 operator). I have to tip my hat to our EARS counterparts up in Safford who (as usual) blew the doors off all other Arizona Field Day stations! The Phoenix-area Explorer Post and Motorola Club also did a bang-up job, as usual. I don’t know much about the Northern Arizona DX Association (QRZ shows their mailing address in Tucumcari, NM - perhaps they go to Flagstaff for Field Day?).


We placed 3rd of all Class 3F stations nationwide (again you see K7RST close behind us). There were also a number of other class (1F, 2F, 4F, etc.) stations that placed ahead of us, but the ARRL site doesn’t allow me to sort by just class F (and I haven’t prepared a manual total of the other class F stations). Congratulations to WB6OTS, KX6X, KC7GNM, KK7NO, KB7RDG, KK7WA, N7INK, NJ7C, KD7HAB, KB7ND, W8UXD, AD7HZ, N7SFP, and anyone else I have forgotten for a job well done!!!


(Ed’s note: Charts can be viewed on the ARRL Website slash “contests”.  Ran out of room here.)


As Christians around the world celebrate the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ, (some, Russia for example, on a slightly different date), we, at the Cochise Amateur Radio Association extend our warm greetings of the season to all our friends and neighbors.  Our wish is for a speedy and successful end to our mission in the world, the defeat of terrorism, and the hope that we can soon again see the full glory of Christmas and it’s message of “Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men”.  


The Cochise Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (CARA)

P.O. Box 1855

Sierra Vista, AZ 85636


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