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This page is for items that are given over the CARA Thursday Night Net for CARA members and spouses, and are posted on the CARA Web page to help in selling or swapping the item. Feel free to email KD7OED@ARRL.NET to have your items listed. And, if anything here gets sold, or taken off the market, please let us know so we can keep things current.

CARA Items For Sale: There are MANY items, including a pair of fold-over towers. A partial list will be available soon - but in the meantime stop by Green Acres any Saturday morning to see what is available!


Items from the Estate of Ranny Burke/KE5DJ (SK).  Ev Wittig/WB7VNF is selling these items – proceeds go to Ranny’s family.  Contact

1.  Alinco DJ-V5 Dual-band handheld transceiver complete with rapid charger.  This radio is fully functional.  Battery appears to take a good charge etc.  Asking $65 

2.  25’ lattice tower (one 5’ section and two 10’ sections).  You haul from Bisbee (Warren District).  Asking $50.


Items from Dale Chidester (NJ7C):

Contact Dale at or (520) 803-8828


1. Yaesu FT-470 Dual Band HT  $120 OBO Includes:

Speaker Mic (With European 1750 Hz Tone)


        2 - NiCad Batteries

        Leather Case


        AA Battery Clam-Shell

        CD w/ Manuals, etc.


2. Yaesu FT-470 Dual Band HT $120 OBO Includes:

Speaker Mic

        Car Adapter/Charger

        NiCad Battery


        AA Battery Clam-Shell

        CD w/ Manuals, etc.


3. Yaesu FT-727R Dual Band HT - Perfect for Satellite Service w/ (built in VOX!)  $100 OBO Includes:

Drop in Charger

        Car Charger/PS

        NiCad Battery Pack

        AA Battery Clam-shell

        CD w/ Manuals, etc.


4. HTC Droid Smart Phone ANDROID version 2.3 (VERIZON ONLY) $40  Includes:

        Phone w/ screen protector      Battery

        USB Cable


        No Micro-SD Memory Chip


5. ICOM W32A Dual Band HT  $150 OBO Includes:

Drop in Charger
        Speaker Mic w/ Keypad

        Extra Antenna for longer range

        NiCad Battery pack

        Li Ion Battery pack

        Programming Software and Interface

        USB-Serial adapter for Interface

        Manuals on DVD

        Cloning Cable



6. TimeWave PK-232PSK-MBX TNC w/ Sound Card I/F Packet, AMTOR, FAX, RTTY, Morse, PACTOR I & II  $100 OBO  Includes:

        Cable For Radio

        Cable For Sound Card

        Power connector

        DB25 to DB9 cable to connect to computer

        USB to RS232 Adapter

        CD with all manuals, software, etc.



7. REALM 2-M/PSB HT $40 OBO Includes:   

Drop in Charger

        Wall-Wart Charger

        Extra NiCad Battery pack (bad)

        CD with additional documents




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